..what will happened if we ended up lower than fourth?

Sunday, February 21, 2010 ·

what will happened if we ended up lower than fourth position in the EPL this season.? As Rafa has somewhat guarantee the spot, which means automatic qualification for the Champions League next season, the repercussion of lesser results is unthinkable!!

Will Rafa go??? Thats' the main question playing in the minds of most Liverpool fans. For his detractors, who has been actively campaigning for his sacking, it will be a welcoming situation. But for his legion of fans..they are hoping for him to continue, especially for him to see through all the plans and foundation that he has laid down for the club's future.
Knowing Rafa's stubbornness and pride, failure to guide his Reds to the “guaranteed” fourth place finish that he has so boldly promised fans will lead to his departure from the club...but that same trait may see him stay and fight on to complete his 'mission.'

Will the club sack him?? He has time and again received support from the management, players and also ex-players. Managing director Christian Purslow, have come out in public in support of their man stating that he club has faith in Rafa and believe that, in Benitez, they have the man to lead Liverpool Football Club to great things in the future. The workings of the club has been built around him and have a long-term plan in mind. Ex players like King Kenny, Ian Rush, Didi Hamman and Sammy Hyppia has all came out in support of Benitez. So does current stars who believes that Rafa is the right man for Liverpool.
Sacking Rafa will also cost the Club enormous sum in compensation fees, and having less income due to non-qualification into the Champions league will limit the possibility of Rafa being sacked.

Will we see player exodus?? Lately, the media has been happily spinning news that players like Torres, Gerrard & Mascherano would leave for greener pasture if we failed to qualify for the Champions League. They further expect Reina and Riera would also leave in the event Rafa is sacked or quit the club. All players mentioned has rubbished the claim and said that they are very committed to the Liverpool cause.
The club and Rafa has also claimed that these players are not for sale. Furthermore, the club, in its effort to attract new investors would not want to sell it's most attractive and valuable assets i.e star players such as Torres, Gerrard & Mascherano.

Can we attract new investors?? With depleted income due to non qualification into the Champions league, many believes it would be a little difficult to attract new investors into the club. What more with the club laden with more than 240million pound in debts.
However, Liverpool is a big club, with very big fan based spread throughout the world. The financial prospect of the club is still very good and there are many prospective investors out there, provided the current owners are not too demanding.

To night Liverpool will play Manchester City @ Eastland...in a must win match for Liverpool in its pursuit for fourth place. City will be without Tevez & Petrov. We will still be without Torres & Johnson, though Benayoun may make it to the bench.

I predict a win for Liverpool.

rafa benitez/.....ryan babel??




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